"The Big Sleepover"
Season 1, episode 2
The Big Sleepover title card
Airdate: January 18, 2013
Writer: Erica Rothschild
Director: Jamie Mitchell
"Just One of the Princes"
"Let the Good Times Troll"

"The Big Sleepover" is the second episode of season one of Sofia the First.


Sofia is put in a difficult position when she struggles to get her village friends Ruby and Jade and her new princess friends to get along and feel comfortable with each other during her first slumber party at the castle.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


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  • Flying stage coaches


Ariel Winter Princess Sofia
Darcy Rose Byrnes Princess Amber
Zach Callison Prince James
Sara Ramirez Queen Miranda
Travis Willingham King Roland II
Tim Gunn Baileywick
Jess Harnell Cedric
Diamond White Ruby Hanshaw
Isabella Acres Jade
Coco Grayson Princess Hildegard
Harley Graham Princess Clio


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Connections to previous events



  • Although Baileywick was quick to get rid of Mia and Robin in Once Upon a Princess, this time he is glad to be helped by them, which is presumably why the book refers to Baileywick as their "friend."


Roland: The girls are have a slumber party.
Cedric: Oh, I can already hear the endless giggling now.

Cedric: Oh, I can't believe this. Fifteen years of sorcerer training, so a can be a warm-up act for milk and cookies!

Ruby: Oh, a white squirrel! How cute!
Princess Hildegard: Lulu is a mink.

Roland: Welcome to the royal sleepover
Jade: Ooh, come on, Ruby! Last one in goes to the dungeon!

Hildegard: They're coming to our party? They're just village girls.
Amber: Sofia invited them.
Sofia: Ruby and Jade are the best. You'll see.

Jade: Unicorns are my favorite animal in the whole world! (to Lulu) No offense.

Amber: This was my third favorite gown.
Clio: Amber, it was just an accident.

Jade: Sofia, I'm sorry we talk too much and laugh too loud for your fancy new friends. But we like to talk and we like to laugh.
Ruby: Yeah!
Jade: And if that's not okay with you now that you're a princess, then maybe we shouldn't be friends anymore!

Sofia: Ruby! Jade! Wait! Please don't leave!
Jade: Hmm! I thought we were embarrassing you.
Sofia: You're not embarrassing me. You're perfect just like you are. You're sweet and loyal, and so much fun to be around with.

Clio: You know, Sofia's friends were kinda fun.

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