Vital Statistics
Species Unicorn
Gender Male
Hair color Whitish-gray mane
Other Statistics
Occupation Protector Steed[1]
Affiliation Princess Sofia;
Princess Amber;
Prisma (formerly);
Location Isle of Unicorns, Mystic Isles
Production Details
First appearance StF: "The Mystic Isles"
Played by Andrew Rannells

Skye is a unicorn from the Mystic Isles' Isle of Unicorns, who recently got his wings. He quickly befriended Princess Sofia when she first came to the Mystic Isles,[2] and when she became a Protector-in-training, he became her Protector Steed in the Mystic Isles, while Minimus, a flying horse she befriended in the EverRealm, would become her Protector Steed there.[1]

Physical appearance

Skye is a white winged unicorn, with a bluish crystal-like horn and whitish-gray mane.


He acts noble and valiant.

Powers and abilities

Skye receives his horn and wings due to the magic of the Isle of Unicorns. His horn can also light up. Skye also has the innate ability of being able to talk.




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