Princess Mae
Princess Mae
Vital Statistics
Title Princess
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Other Statistics
Production Details
First appearance Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

Mae[1] is a young princess who attends Royal Preparatory Academy.


Early life

When she was younger, she was one of the princesses to shun Hildegard on her first day at Royal Prep.[2]


When Fauna, Flora, and Merryweather introduced Princess Sofia to the class on her first day, Mae did a curtsy. Later, Sofia's stepsister Amber mocked her after she dropped her books in class, to a group of girls including Mae, but much to Amber's surprise and annoyance, they went to Sofia and complimented her amulet, with Mae asking if she was going to wear it to the ball in the former's honor.[3]

Mae and the other girls were put through a "princess test" one day after school, which they all passed.[1]


Total appearances: 17.