Prince James
Prince James
Vital Statistics
Title Prince
Other names James Winslow[1]
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Other Statistics
Occupation Student
Affiliation Prince Zandar;
Sir Finnegan;
Royal Redhawks;[2]
Wendell Fidget;[3]
Royal Prep Band[4]
Family Roland II (father)
Queen Lorelei (mother, deceased);[5][6]
Princess Amber (sister);
Queen Miranda (stepmother);
Princess Sofia (stepsister);
King Gideon (great-grandfather);
Roland I (grandfather);
Grand Mum (grandmother);
Sir Bartleby (uncle)[7]
Location Castle of Enchancia
Production Details
First appearance Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess
Played by Zach Callison
Julie Dolan (baby)[8]
Tyler Merna
Nicolas Cantu

James is the young prince of Enchancia. He is the son of King Roland II, and step-son of Queen Miranda, as well as the twin[9][8] brother to Princess Amber, and step-brother to Princess Sofia.


Early life

Baby James

Baby James.

He was born seven minutes after Amber.[10][7]


A gathering of royals took place at the front of Enchancia Castle where Roland and his children officially welcomed Miranda and Sofia to their new home after moving from the village. James was polite to Sofia, without hidden malice, unlike Amber. He then spoke with Miranda who promised she wouldn't be like the typical wicked stepmother in stories, starting by giving James and Amber hand-stitched patches of their family crest, which impressed James.


Total appearances: 70.

* Bold indicates larger role.


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