Vital Statistics
Species Flying horse
Gender Male
Hair color Purple mane
Eye color Light green
Other Statistics
Occupation Protector Steed[1]
Affiliation Royal Preparatory Academy;
Princess Sofia
Family Argus (father);
Gemina (mother);
Mazzimo (brother)
Location Stables at RPA;
Stables at Enchancia Castle
Production Details
First appearance StF: "Just One of the Princes"
Played by Eric Stonestreet

Minimus is a flying horse, who lives in the stables of Royal Preparatory Academy. He befriended Princess Sofia as a riding partner when she joined the flying derby.[2] He almost always takes her across the EverRealm during her Secret Library missions, and when Sofia became a Protector-in-training, Minimus became her Protector Steed of the EverRealm, while Skye, a unicorn she had befriended in the Mystic Isles, would become her Protector Steed in the latter.[1]


Total appearances: 16.

* Bold indicates a main or larger supporting role.