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"Just One of the Princes"
Season 1, episode 1
Just One of the Princes title card
Airdate: January 11, 2013
Writer: Craig Gerber
Director: Jamie Mitchell
"Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess"
"The Big Sleepover"

"Just One of the Princes" is the first episode of season one of Sofia the First, following the TV pilot movie, Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess.


Sofia strives to become the first princess to earn a spot on her school's flying derby team. Although paired with the overly-anxious horse Minimus, Sofia learns to believe in herself and proves that a princess can do anything she sets her mind to.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


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  • Flying stage coaches


Ariel Winter Princess Sofia
Zach Callison Prince James
Darcy Rose Byrnes Princess Amber
Sara Ramirez Queen Miranda
Travis Willingham King Roland II
Eric Stonestreet Minimus
Wayne Brady Clover
Ashley Eckstein Mia
Meghan Strange Robin
Tim Gunn Baileywick
Barbara Dirickson Flora
Russi Taylor Fauna
Colin Ford Prince Hugo
Jess Harnell Sir Gilliam
Hayden Byerly Additional voice
Aaron Daniel Jacob Prince Hugo (singing)
Jenna Lea Rosen Princess Hildegard (singing)
Princess Clio (singing)


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Sofia: Good morning, Sir Gilliam.
Sir Gilliam: Oh. Hello, princess. The bleachers are right over there.
Sofia: I didn't come to watch, Sir Gilliam. I came to try out for the team.
Sir Gilliam: What?!

James: What will the other princes say?
Amber: They'll be too busy laughing to say anything.

Sofia: It gives me the power to talk to animals.
Minimus: Well, then, let me give you a piece of advice. If you want to win, you'll pick another horse. You see, I have short legs, small wings, I don't fly fast, I worry about everything. (shudders) Oh...
'Sofia: (chuckles) I think you're perfect, just the way you are.

Princess Hildegard: Amber, is that your sister up there?
Amber: Oh. I can't believe she's really doing it.

Sofia: I can't even make it to the finish line, and I only have one more day until the race. Amber said I should quit. I don't know what to do.
Robin: My mother had a saying. The early bird gets the worm.
Mia: What does Sofia need a worm for?
Clover: She doesn't, Mia. Hey, what Robin's trying to say is, get an early start tomorrow.

Prince Hugo: You should go back to where you belong, with the other princesses.

Amber: You were great, Sofia. I was wrong. Flying derby is a princess thing.

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