Grand Mum
Grand Mum
Vital Statistics
Title Grand Queen
Queen (formerly)
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Gray
Eye color Green
Other Statistics
Family King Roland I (husband, deceased);
Duchess Matilda (daughter);
King Roland II (son);
Queen Lorelei (first daughter-in-law, deceased);[1][2]
Princess Amber (granddaughter);
Prince James (grandson);
Queen Miranda (second daughter-in-law);
Princess Sofia (step-granddaughter);
Sir Bartleby (son-in-law)[3]
Location Enchancia
Production Details
First appearance StF: "Best in Air Show"
Played by Florence Henderson

Grand Mum, officially the Grand Queen, is the mother of King Roland II of Enchancia. She currently does not live at the royal castle.


Early life

She learnt how to rule at EverRealm Academy.[4]

She told King Roland II how the amulet protected the princesses who wore it.[5] But she never wore it herself.[6]

She married King Roland I, and they ruled Enchancia together, until he died. Then his son took over.



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