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"Carol of the Arrow (episode)"
Season 2, episode 28
Carol of the Arrow title card
Airdate: July 15, 2015
Writer: Krista Tucker
Director: Jamie Mitchell
Larry Leichliter (co-director)
"Buttercup Amber"
"Sidekick Clio"

"Carol of the Arrow" aired as the twenty-seventh episode of season two of Sofia the First, and the fifty-first overall. It was produced as the twenty-eighth episode in season two.


Sofia gets the chance to meet Carol of the Arrow and her Merry Band; she even gets a chance to be a member, but she has to hide the fact she's a princess, when she overhears Carol talk about how the royals don't help anyone in need.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


  • None

Other characters:

  • Princess Amber
  • Prince James
  • Inventor Gwen (mentioned only)
  • Horse owner (only appearance)
  • Allie (only appearance)
  • Unnamed Merry Band girl (only appearance)
  • Unnamed Merry Band boy (only appearance)
  • Harry (only time mentioned)
  • Woodsman (only appearance)
  • Woodsman's twin boys (only appearance)
  • Woodsman's wife (only appearance; no lines)
  • Farmer (only appearance)
  • Coachman (no lines)
  • Baby raccoon (only appearance)
  • Mother raccoon (only appearance)




  • Flying stagecoach


Ariel Winter Princess Sofia
Travis Willingham King Roland II
Darcy Rose Byrnes Princess Amber
Tyler Merna Prince James
Sara Ramirez Queen Miranda
Eric Stonestreet Minimus
Tim Gunn Baileywick
Vivica A. Fox Carol of the Arrow
Liliana Mumy Jane
Keith Ferguson Woodsman
Miles Gerber Twin boys
Lyons Luke Mathias Baby raccoon
Grey Griffin Allie
Mother raccoon
Sam Riegel Father


  • TBA

Connections to previous events



  • Sofia doesn't know how to use an arrow, despite saying she took archery class in "Finding Clover".
  • Sofia is so worried about Carol and her Merry Band finding out who she is (and vice versa), that everyone completely forgets the baby raccoon that's swept up in the raging river. Sofia and Carol still ignore it until things have been patched up between them and Sofia remembers, all the while the Merry Band kids have gone off on their own, with Jane endangering her life in the process.
  • Baileywick only noticed that Sofia took off her tiara when he found it in her grape basket. He didn't seem to notice right away when he found her and told her it was time to make the grape juice.

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